My name is Amber and I am the daughter of the original owners/founders of Quality Discount Cabinets LLC.  Quality Discount Cabinets LLC. was created in 2005 by my parents and I have been with the company since 2010.  My Husband and I bought this business from my parents when they decided it was time for them to retire, in 2014.  We are not only here to run a business, we want to take care of those in our community as well.  It is our passion to make sure that people get quality at the lowest price possible.

We have four beautiful children, two girls and two boys.  From our oldest who is thirteen to our youngest who is two, we understand what it means to want to save as much money as possible to provide for your family.  That is why we do what we do.  We aspire to teach our children what it means to run a business with honesty and integrity. We want them to learn by our example what it means to be successful but fair.  Because we have their young, impressionable eyes upon us and because we are leading by example, we are dedicated to providing top grade service with transparency. As a family business, we make service our top priority.  You will not experience "the sales pitch," here.  At Quality Discount Cabinets LLC. what you see is what you get.  No "slick nick" or "fast talkers" here to try and push a sale.