I've used Quality Discount Cabinets twice in two remodels of bathrooms.  When installed they look custom.  They beat Home Depot in price.  The family owned business really cares and will go out of their way to make you happy.  The communication was great. Turn around is about two weeks.  If I redo my kitchen they will be my go to place.  Happy happy.

Kitchen turned out great. Cabinets are beautiful.  The installers they use for counter tops and cabinets were on time and did a
wonderful job.

This company and family are what business is suppose to be about. Not only do they have the best quality and prices but also the very best service and help. When i was looking for my kitchen, it was very confusing, Amber made it all very clear and easy to
understand. When I asked several friends about cabinets they said Quality Discount Cabinets is the place to go .Don't even bother shopping around, My kitchen is amazing, I can't believe it's really mine. Thanks to Quality Discount Cabinets. I am so grateful.

When we started our kitchen remodel we knew it was a tight budget.  No money to cover mistakes on my part or the suppliers.  
Naturally we started with Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.  I found it difficult to get the attention of the big box guys. They were always
distracted multitasking with other stuff and customers.  The things that made me nervous with the big box guys was that I was
repeatedly told that returns, if accepted, were subject to restocking fees and I would need to wait approximately two weeks for
anything to be replaced if mistakes in ordering were made.  Overall big box did not inspire confidence. Also another problem was
most of what was in my price range was made of particle board with ultra-basic rails.
Finally I checked out Quality Discount Cabinets on Airway Drive in Santa Rosa.  What an amazing difference. Denise gave us her full attention.  She reviewed my basic and unpolished drawings and created a cool professional looking plan with an itemized list. When she offered her suggestions you could tell she knew what she was talking about.  She brought up several things we had overlooked. (Big box guys never did that.)  Then to top off the customer service experience...  She and John actually came over to our house to make sure of my measurements (at my request) and while there she was able to point out some terrific ideas that really made a big difference.  I don't know if this is something they normally offer or were just taking pity on us.
The quality of the cabinets was much better then big box.  All wood.  No particle board. Solid and sturdy.  Soft close drawers. Need I say more?  OK, I will.  These solid wood cabinets were MUCH LESS money than big box or any other place I went to. So in short, more cabinet, less money.  Denise and John were with us the whole project.  I was doing the installation myself and John was able to give me advice and pointers that saved me time, money and agony. I don't think my kitchen would have turned out as nice as it did if I had gone any other route.  
So to sum it up:
* Better quality cabinets.
* Better pricing.
* Better customer service (much better)
* No restocking fee (I think)
* Advice from experienced professionals.

I walked into Quality Discount Cabinets and was able to make an immediate connection with the owner, Denise Gates, who was able to show me many styles of cabinets that met my needs and price range.  In an hour she had designed my kitchen layout complete with upper and lower cabinets and all appliances and I found a style and wood selection that was a perfect match for what I wanted in a remodeled kitchen.  The very reasonable price included a great selection of granite counter tops installed and while I could have had QDC install my cabinets, I chose to do them myself with the assistance of a qualified contractor that I had hired for my renovation. I would not hesitate to recommend them for the quality of construction and the workmanship of the team from QDC.  They were great!!

I moved from NJ about 2 years ago and knew no one nor knew anything about the area. Unfortunately, the house and property we purchased were in less than best conditions. Let me say that we were on a super tight budget. I was going to Home Depot and Lowes 4 times a day sometimes so I knew the prices. I was going to go with the cheap cabinets from Home Depot, but my boyfriend happened to look on Craigslist and came across Quality Discount Cabinets. I'm glad he found them because they were awesome!
We have an extremely small kitchen and the home depot cabinets would have looked awkward and wouldn't have fit correctly. I
wasn't sold on them so we decided to give QDC a chance and as soon as we walked in we knew we were going to use them. We loved everything about them: extensive selection, the cabinets are real hardwood and cheaper than home depot! Plus, they have several granite options available. Amber answered any questions we had and helped us choose which color options would go best with the floor we had chosen. Denise scheduled a visit right away and asked us what we were looking for. I gave her all our ideas and she drew up a plan almost instantly. Then she wasn't happy with it so she came back and redesigned it for better! My kitchen now has as much storage as possible without looking like a cramped space. The cabinets were installed quickly. They did accidentally drill holes in the wrong place on one of the doors but they replaced it with a new door without having me say anything. They were the ones who approached me to tell me what had happened and that the new door had already been ordered. Jack, the granite guy was great too. They were all super easy to work with.
We ended up using QDC for our tasting bar too. Don't go anywhere else for cabinets! Great customer service, great selection on
colors and styles for cabinets, great selection on granite, amazing prices, and overall high quality work.

We had a wonderfully positive experience with Quality Discount Cabinets - from the first day visiting the show room, working with Denise in style/color selection of cabinets and knobs, to finishing the install, we were impressed with their selection, professionalism, knowledge and experience.  Not only did we get kitchen cabinets but also ordered 3 vanities for our 2 1/2 bath condo.  I checked Lowes and Home Depot for similar MB vanity and found them over $500 more...and that didn't include the counter top. Our cabinets came in sooner than the 2 weeks out quoted (other places we were told could be up to a month), suffered no damage and we were able to coordinate the granite install in a timely manner.   But from order to final install of counters, it was just less than 4 weeks.  We found Denise, Amber and John responsive,friendly, flexible and understanding of our needs and appreciated a visit to our place and a suggestion to reconfigure the layout, which we did.  Only experienced companies could understand and make knowledgeable recommendations such as this.  We appreciated how quickly they returned calls. As for pricing, we found them more than competitive and willing "to work the deal".  We're very pleased we found QDC and encourage anyone to give them a try - we don't feel you'll be disappointed.

JEFF W (MI-2012)  
My wife and I needed to remodel our kitchen and bath, We started at the home depot and Lowes and were just not happy with the quality. We would need to be at a $50000.00 kitchen before we felt we had anything decent. We went to a party at my cousins house and he had new cabinets. They were beautiful. I asked him where he purchased his cabinets and he told us. Discount cabinets here in Santa Rosa. Long story short, I spoke to several friends who all had rave reviews about this business. I decided to take my family there and I am so happy we did. We got all the information pricing, time frame all up front. We purchased our cabinets for thousands less then we thought we would have to pay. They are a wonderful treasure. We are so happy we found them.

My experience with Quality Discount Cabinets  was excellent. Amber was very courteous and professional. She kept me updated on every aspect of the order process and was quite patient. I found the cabinets that I ordered to be of the highest quality and the price was unbelievable. I am a very educated buyer and often compare prices both at stores and over the internet. So far, you all beat the competitors by miles. I know that I saved thousands of dollars by going with Quality Discount Cabinets. Nancy & Rick

WONDERFUL CHRISTIAN BUSINESS that likes it done right.
This is the greatest business we have ever been in.  Not only our their products top notch but so is their service. I have read some  of these other reviews trying to do damage to this awesome company. I have installed cabinets for this company for years now, and I can tell you . They come with truth , integrity and are very loyal. Some people need to get a life and stop trying to rip small business 's off.

Cynthia & Dave (2012)
We found working with Quality Discount Cabinets was an exceptional experience from meeting the designer to being connected with an outstanding installer. They met my budget and the value.
Very happy with our new kitchen.

Samuel & Maryanne (2012)
beautiful. Just finished remodeling my rental property.  WOW, what a difference!  I improved the value of my property, the cabinets look like a million bucks and my tenants LOVE them.  It feels good to see such an improvement both in my home and my rental property without going in over my head on the price.  They were very patient with me, helped me pick out cabinets and they designed the lay out for me. I never knew there was so much involved in the cabinet business.  I definitely got more for my money than I ever expected.  I see a big difference in supporting a family business as opposed to trying to find this level of service from a big store. Thank you QDC!!

I want to thank you for all your help.  Your designing is the absolute best.  We will tell everyone about Quality Discount Cabinets. We heard about you from our neighbor, He is happy too. I have a friend getting ready to do their kitchen and now they are going to you too. I love my kitchen.

Quality Discount Cabinets...
We absolutely love our new kitchen, Your design is perfect and I show off my kitchen to all of our friends. I tell everyone about you, I say my cabinets came from Discount Cabinets in Santa Rosa and the number is 528-2222. I know your number by heart. I waited for years to do this project, I am so pleased.
Thanks so much

Gail and Donna
We are Extremely Pleased with the kitchen cabinets we purchased from Quality Discount Cabinets. They are very well made and are beautiful. In addition, we found Denise and her husband very easy to work with and very accommodating in planning the design of our kitchen. If we had it to do over, we wouldn't change a thing. You can shop around, but after you've been to Quality Discount Cabinets, you won't need to go any further.
Thanks again, QDC!

John Dovey
I've enclosed a couple of pictures of our Rohnert Park kitchen. We were very pleased with the outcome - the kitchen has undergone a complete transformation and we were so glad to have you and John at Quality Discount Cabinets helping us through
the process. I was more than a little surprised to see John who made an unannounced visit just as the granite counter top had been installed. He said he just wanted to make sure everything turned out to our satisfaction. We don't often see that level of commitment in contractors and it was very much appreciated.
Thanks again for your help.

I love my new kitchen.  The cabinets are really high quality. We can cook now and chat with family and friends.
You should be proud of your kitchen design.

The Cabinets are beautiful and the granite is beautiful. I just wanted to tell you I am so so so happy
and can't believe this is my kitchen
Thanks You so much

Thanks to Quality Discount Cabinets, I now have a Dream Kitchen, that I thought I would never be able to
afford. My husband and I can not believe that this is our kitchen. The Design is perfect and the Quality is
outrageous. Home depot wanted more for particle board cabinets with wood doors. That was a joke. I
appreciate all of the hard work
Thank You so Much